Curt Shoultz

September 14, 2017

In this 50 minute talk, Curt will show works from his 50+ years as an enthusiastic artist. As he shows paintings, drawings, comic books, and cartoons he has made (including some he has never shown anywhere), he will discuss what he’s learned about growing as an artist. While mostly slides, there will be some actual examples of Curt’s artistic development on hand. Questions and discussion will be most welcome.

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Curt Shoultz, The Gods Do Not Play Dice, 1996

Curt Shoultz, Does the River Remember Where it's Been, 2015


Curt Shoultz is a prominent local educator, artist, and illustrator. Formerly a freelance illustrator and inker for DC Comics, he has taught illustration and design throughout Brandon. His vibrant and pop art inspired work has been shown and published locally and nationally.

Curt will be teaching the upcoming AGSM class, “Imagine Better” on Tuesdays from 7-9pm, beginning September 19. Visit agsm.ca/online for more information and to register