Craig Russell

August 15, 2024 to November 2, 2024
Community Gallery


Opening Reception: TBA

The exhibition Me, I Think is a series of nearly 100 “selfies,” taken outside the vernacular of social media–a deliberate misunderstanding of their function. The photographs are an intimate, personal documentation of a Brandon Heritage home that deliberately obscure their own contexts. They are a scavenger hunt of reflective surfaces, a record of discovery, of family, and of giddy play. Craig Russell is a writer, playwright, and retired city administrator who created a game for himself while he was stuck at home during the pandemic: to take one photo of his reflection every day for 100 days.

From the Artist Statement:
For most of human existence, ordinary people might occasionally see their own face in a bowl of water or on the surface of a still pond.
Only much later in history did the well-to-do have “looking glasses”, and only the very wealthy could afford to have their likeness painted.
And even then it was said of portraiture, that every portrait contains the artist.


When photography was new, it was touted as the medium of truth. Photographs would show us the world as it truly is, unfiltered and real.
But now selfie-culture shows only what the “self-taker” wants us to see
Them at their best. Smiling. Happy. Perfect.
Many photographs leave us feeling that everyone is having a better time than we are.
That others are better at life than we are.


As you view these photographs please feel how your eyes are drawn to what should be my face.
We simply can’t help ourselves.

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