Anthony Woodward

September 7, 2017

Attending art school as a mature student after drawing comics for many years made for a curious collision. Anthony was stuck in a world between comics and fine art, writing and drawing, finding it difficult to communicate what he was trying to do with his art and how his work fit into the landscape of fine arts. Art school opened up channels as he started exploring collage, digital art and printmaking – using these new found technologies to bind together drawings, photographs and found imagery that references the comic book genre. Anthony’s talk will explore his journey as an artist and the development of his art practice.

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Anthony is an Australian artist living in Canada who has been self publishing zines and comics for the past 20 years. He holds a Fine Arts degree in drawing and digital art with honours, he taught art in Australia and now works as a librarian in Brandon.

Anthony will be teaching the upcoming AGSM classes, “Image Making with Lino Cut” and “Wood Block Printing” in September and October 2017. Visit agsm.ca/online for more information and to register for classes.