Art Connects at the AGSM

School and Community Tours and Workshops 


Art Connects 2023 Brochure

What Can Art Do?

  • Connect people, communities, and cultures

  • Promote healing and wellness

  • Bring people together in a variety of meaningful experiences

  • Foster personal growth and wellbeing

  • Increase people’s participation in, and understanding of the world and their community

Art Connects Through Art Education For: Grades K-12, adult learning, and community groups

To book your tour or find out more info, please contact Chris at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba 

[email protected] 

204-727-1036 (ext. 103)

What kind of educational experience can I book? 


A. School and Community Tours 


  1. Tour only (1/2 hour)
  2. Tour plus activity (1hour)

Tours and activities are modified to fit your age group.

All ages welcome: Early Years, Middle Years, Senior Years Sr. 1-4; parent/caregiver and child groups, and Adult Community Groups

B. Drop-in tour – Wednesdays at 1pm – free tour starts at 1pm (when exhibitions are on in the Main Gallery)

C. AGSM Workshops 

School and community groups will work with a professional artist in an AGSM studio workshop. There are many options available such as Clay, Painting, Drawing, Pottery, Printmaking, Puppets, Papermaking, Specialty Programs and Exhibition-Related Workshops, and more. Learners receive in-depth step-by-step instructions, and assistance from their instructor to achieve success.


  1. Tour plus workshop
  2. Workshop only 

For info and workshop prices, please email [email protected] or phone 204-727-1036 and ask to speak with Chris. Prices for workshops depend upon group size, length of workshop, and media.


**Teachers and Supervisors:

The presence and assistance of teachers and/or adult supervisors is mandatory during the workshop, your help assures the success of the program.

The AGSM is committed to providing quality programs that help to link art with other classroom subjects, such as environmental studies, math, social studies, language arts, and science. During tours participants interact directly with original works of art in the gallery as they discover creative ways to meet curriculum objectives. Students receive a guided, interactive tour of the current art exhibitions and an option for a hands-on art activity inspired by the artwork.