What Can Art Do?

  • Connect people, communities, and cultures
  • Promote healing and wellness
  • Bring people together in a variety of meaningful experiences
  • Foster personal growth and wellbeing
  • Increase people’s participation in, and understanding of the world and their community

What educational programs can I book?

The AGSM encourages students and the community to gain meaningful and memorable encounters with art, and gain a greater understanding of contemporary art through a wide range of art education programs.

AGSM art education programs are available for school and community groups from Pre-K to Adult. Choose from a variety of exciting programs:


Discover, Discuss, Reflect, Interact, Explore, Create Transform

The AGSM is committed to providing quality programs that help to link art with other classroom subjects, such as history, environmental studies, math, and science to name a few. During Art Connects Tours, school and community groups interact directly with original works of art in the Main Gallery and Community Gallery as they experience exciting education programs and discover creative ways to meet curriculum objectives. Students receive a guided, interactive tour of the current art exhibition(s) and a hands-on art activity inspired by the exhibition(s). Students view and reflect upon the artists’ work through creative activities and discussion. Teachers and leaders receive ideas for pre- and post-visit classroom activities.

The AGSM programs provide unique opportunities to discover and interact with contemporary art. See the world through the eyes of an artist and discover new knowledge, not only of an artist’s life and process, but also gain valuable insight into one’s own self and identity. At the AGSM, we help participants make connections to art and embrace a variety of learning methods in a welcoming environment where individual backgrounds are acknowledged and valued.

Learners are provided with opportunities to reflect critically upon their own views, develop openness to ideas and broaden their own perspectives, while applying effective communication skills and problem-solving skills. We offer a variety of programs that can be specifically catered and designed to meet your needs, at the AGSM there is something for everyone! Tours and activities are modified to fit your age group.

We welcome all ages and community groups to the AGSM.

Including - Early Years N-K, Grade 1-4, Middle Years: Gr. 5-8, Senior Years Sr. 1-4; groups that may include a variety of ages, parent/caregiver and child groups, and Adult Community Groups

When students come to the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, they walk through the door with a variety of experiences and expectations, and sometimes they leave with new ideas, questions, answers, and inspiration – and we know that art has benefited their lives. Participation in our programs has been known to encourage inquiring minds, inspire creativity, and fuel imaginations!

If you need to change or cancel your confirmed program, please contact the gallery immediately by phone or fax.

Teachers and Supervisors:

The presence and assistance of teachers and/or adult supervisors is mandatory during the guided tour and activity. Your help assures the success of the program.

That children are in contact with books and stories from an early age favors not only their interest in reading; It will also influence your integral development . This process of introduction to literacy must occur gradually because it will depend on its level of maturity and a set of factors of psychological, physiological, intellectual, emotional or environmental type related to students. "Our main objective is to promote learning through discovery, based on meaningful units that make sense to children, taking into account the individual characteristics of the group, through appropriate techniques and specific materials that you can look at here now https://aussieassignments.net/," says Marisol Gracia, a child educator. The introduction of literacy in the classroom can be done in different ways. In this regard, there are many resources that include creative files, exercise books, training methods or applications for tablets such as ' Copy Me '. In addition, there is the website for Children ' The island of the letters ': it is part of the Medusa Project of the Canary Islands Government and invites to work literacy through didactic sequences and activities in which children differentiate capital letters from lowercase letters, complete puzzles, identify a specific vowel or consonant among a rain of letters.

Take advantage of the AGSM’s multitude of studios and try a variety of hands-on activities, from painting to clay. Our space is designed for creativity, including messy projects that may not be possible in the classroom or at home. At the AGSM students are welcome to try new materials and equipment they may not otherwise have access to.

Clay, Painting, Drawing, Exploring Indigenous Culture Through Art, Pottery, Printmaking, Cartooning, Handmade Instruments, Puppets, Math & Art, Papermaking, Science + Art, Specialty Programs and Exhibition-Related Workshops, and Much More

School and community groups will work with a professional artist in an AGSM studio workshop. Learners receive in-depth step-by-step instructions, and assistance from their instructor to achieve success.

Book a longer studio workshop by calling 204-727-1036 or email [email protected] for more information and prices. Costs range from $7 per student and up, depending upon group size, length of workshop, and media. Choose from a variety of workshops and instructors, programs can be designed to meet the needs of the group.

If you need to change or cancel your confirmed program, please contact the gallery immediately by phone or fax.

Teachers and Supervisors:

The presence and assistance of teachers and/or adult supervisors is mandatory during the guided tour and activity. Your help assures the success of the program.

To Book a Tour please call or email Chris at 204-727-1036 ext. 103, [email protected]

OR Submit an Art Connects School and Community Tours Reservation Request Form

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