The AGSM Gift Shop offers a unique shopping experience unlike any other in Brandon. Located just off the lobby of the AGSM, the Gift Shop features over 120 Manitoban and Westman artists. 100% Handmade, you are sure to find the perfect gift, from beautiful decorative elements for a home or office and gorgeous handcrafted jewelry, to functional ceramics and charming greeting cards. We are so proud to share the talents of our region through a wide array of styles and mediums, like framed works in oils, acrylic, and watercolour, as well as artisan works in glass, wood, fibre, and wax. We also offer the largest selection of handmade ceramics in Western Manitoba. With our constantly growing selection, you will find something you love!

As for methodologies, it is about customizing the literacy process and trying to introduce different methodologies for its learning. The reason? Observe which of them best suits each student and motivates him more because each one has different characteristics and needs. It is important that during this process " writing goes hand in hand with reading ", Añíbarro recalls and you don't think "can i pay someone to write my paper here". An example of an exercise that can be considered is that they invent their story in the form of a story on some blank pages. The games of letters, words, and phrases are also advisable along with the daily reading; This habit should not only be practiced at school but also at home and children can incorporate it into their daily routine, for example, before going to sleep. Desire to learn, a vocabulary that is richer every day, improved communication skills, or greater autonomy, self-esteem, and creativity. Literacy favors the development of many personal skills and abilities that, if worked over time, will make reading a habit of life. “Experts in Children's Literature ensure that early exposure to stories, stories, songs, and poetry provide a significant basis in the learning of literacy and, at the same time, fosters children's imagination and creativity,” explains Gracia.

Every sale helps support a handworking artist, as well as contributes to the Gallery's programming, so thank you for supporting Manitoba-made!

Are you a Manitoba artist? Interested in having your work featured in our Gift Shop? Please email Pam at [email protected] for more information.

Little Wing Odd Birds by Jodie Harpe-Lesperance

Greeting cards by Sarah Neville

Cypress Ceramic Studios by Kevin Conlin

Paintings by Lynn Friesen

Kami Goertz

Prints and stationary by Basma Kavanaugh

Leather leaf earrings by Talie Polischuk

"Keepin it Riel" T-shirt by Brendon Ehinger

Space Honey

Ceramics by Rachael Kroeker

Beaded earrings by Shawna Mozdzen

Paintings by Kathleen Crosby

Paintings by Kathleen Noelle Black

Sisters Leather & Fur

Ceramics by Judy Marchand

Ceramics by Steve Jorgensen

Ceramics by Teegan Walker

Jewelry by Dawn Teasdale

Jewelry by Linda Freedman Katz

Glass wares by Brook Drabot

Jewelry by Daria Tittenberger

Metamorphosis Glass Works by Michelle Hunter

Cori Jaye Art

Little Pineapple Designs

Baby bows by Lucy Jane & Co

Chocolate bars by Aschenti Cocoa

Kelly Ruth Wearables

Bayshore Gifts in Glass

Prints and patches by Liminal Spaces

Mouse River Pottery by Angela Graham

Barletta Beeswax

Tea towels by Sew Dandee

Pottery by Kate Froese

Photographs by Doug Derksen

Photography by Garry Budyk

Pottery by Valerie Metcalfe

Pottery by Kathryne Koop

Pottery by Colleen Chamberlin

Paintings by Irene Patterson