The AGSM will maintain an overall occupancy level of thirty-five (35) people in the facility at one time. The following measures will be enforced following public health orders:

Social Distancing
• Strict social distancing protocols limiting building capacity including floor markers and signage to prevent congestion.
• Please leave backpacks and large purses at home.
• All tours and activities to accommodate physical distancing.

Health Precautions & Onsite Cleaning
• All visitors must wear a mask upon entering the facility. Masks may be purchased for $2 at the front desk.
• Hands and phones must be sanitized upon entering.
• We are currently asking for first names and contact information (phone number, or email) from all patrons for COVID-19 tracing.
• Washrooms are restricted to 1 individual at a time.

For more information and/or further inquiries please contact the AGSM at 204.727.1036.