About our facilities

The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba’s multipurpose 22,000 sqft facilities sit at the heart of Downtown Brandon, and features one of the largest darkrooms for traditional photo processing in Canada, fully outfitted studios for ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, and new media, and a Gift Shop stocked with works by Manitoba's finest artisans. The 4,300 sqft Main Gallery is environmentally controlled, fully equipped, and capable of handling contemporary work from new media to painting. It offers contemporary art exhibitions of regional, national, and international significance with an emphasis on Manitoban and Indigenous art. The Community Gallery, with 220 running feet of wall space, provides exhibition opportunities for emerging and local artists and community groups, and presents exhibitions of particular interest and relevance to the various communities within and surrounding the AGSM. An 810 sqft. vault houses the Manitoba Arts Council’s Art Bank collection.


All of our galleries and studios can be accessed by wheelchair and other mobility aids. The ceramic studios for classes can be accessed by a passenger elevator with the help of AGSM Staff. If there are any additional accessibility needs for your visit or group tour, please let us know!

Facility Rental
Host your next gathering, workshop, conference, or meeting at the Art Gallery!

With a variety of rooms and spaces, as well as onsite tables and chairs, the AGSM is an accessible and unique location to hold your next event. From showers and creative workshops, to small meetings and large holiday gatherings, we can accommodate a variety of functions. The AGSM is the perfect spot to have a craft date with friends, or a private corporate retreat; we have ample parking and afterhour rates, too. Contact us today at 204-727-1036 or [email protected] to inquire about availability!
Ceramics Studio
  • 13 potters wheels
  • Kiln Room/ventilation/4-electric kilns
  • slab roller
  • clay mixer/clay mixing room/ ventilation, double sinks
  • chemical Kitchen/ventilation/ double sinks
  • glaze room/compressed air/spray booth/ventilation/double sinks
  • extruder
  • large studio class room/5-4'x8' work tables
  • eyewash station
Children's Studio
  • 1 regular height sink for clean up
  • 1 childs height sink for clean up
  • material storage closet
Drawing Studio
  • 15 Drawing Tables
  • 12 Drawing Horses
  • Prop Storage
  • Equipment Storage
  • Central Track Lightning/Spots for Modeling
  • Model Stands
  • Drawing Storage
  • Chalk Board
  • Mirrored Wall
Painting Studio
  • 10 Easels
  • Painting Storage Room
  • Prop Room
  • Model Stands
  • Double Sinks
  • 10 Watercolour Tables
  • Central Track Lightning/Spots for Modeling
  • Ventilation
  • Chalk Board
Photo Studio
  • 11 Enlarger Stations
  • 2 Thermostatically controlled 8 ft sinks
  • Film loading room
  • Chemical Storage/Mixing Room/Sink
  • Classroom/Prep Area
  • Rotating lab door for traffic flow
  • Built in safe lights for even darkroom light
  • Studio/Chemical ventilation
  • Compressed air at stations for negative cleaning
  • Print dryer
  • Eyewash station
Leech Print Studio
  • 24” x 40” Praga Etching Press
  • Vandercook SP-15 Test Press (donated by Leech Printing)
  • Large light table
  • 12” x 18” Industrial hot plate
  • Selection of metal type, ornamental borders, wingdings and vintage printing ‘cuts’
  • Drying Rack
  • Sinks for clean up and paper soaking
  • Work tables and drafting tables
  • Ventilation
  • Eye-wash station