February 16, 2013 to March 8, 2013
Community Gallery


Opening Reception: Saturday April 16, 7:30PM

This exhibition brings together a series of large birds of prey carved by James Allen Masters, brought to light by his brother Doug Masters. A welder by trade, James Allen Masters spent thousands of hours cutting down wood, drying and splitting it, and carving the birds from photographs. While he was living and working in Thompson at International Nickel, the relative seclusion allowed him to develop this remarkably personal body of work that he only shared with his close family. In addition to the majestic carvings of life-size eagles, this exhibition gives a rare glimpse into his entire creative process including unfinished pieces and Polaroid photographs of birds in different stages of completion. Currently, James is spending the last weeks of his life in palliative care, afflicted by an inoperable brain tumour. This exhibition is his brother’s way of celebrating a lifetime commitment to personal craftsmanship.

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