Colin Corneau

August 23, 2012 to September 7, 2012
Community Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday August 23, 7:30PM

Live Auction: Friday September 7

During a recent trip to Nepal, Brandon-based photographer Colin Corneau was led to discover an NGO (Non-Government Organization) in the capital Kathmandu, named the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC).

Founded in 2005, the organization works to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children of incarcerated parents in Nepal. In Nepal, if a woman goes to prison and none of her relatives can care for her children, the children often accompany their mother to prison. ECDC coordinates with jail administrators to rescue children from jail cells throughout urban and rural areas of Nepal. The children receive regular medical check-ups, vaccinations, and are enrolled in a local private school. Children have regular visitation with their mothers. Since its founding, ECDC has helped over one hundred children to live in safety and pursue an education.

Moved by the experience and a desire to help the organization, Corneau has taken the images he created in Nepal and collected them in this exhibition, which will be auctioned off at the conclusion of the show on September 7. All proceeds from sales will go directly to ECDC's Butterfly Home project. ECDC currently occupies a rented building, and is in the process of building a permanent housing facility. The Butterfly Home will have a big plot of land and two two-story buildings for boys and girls, a volunteer house and office rooms. For more information about the project, go to: http://ecdcnepal.org

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