June 16, 2016 to August 5, 2018
Community Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday June 16, 7:30PM

Xavier is a young Artist from Brandon who has been attending classes at the AGSM since he was six years old. He loves drawing and sculpting with clay. Through his artwork he expresses his interest in many subjects close to his heart, such as the Titanic and birds. His imagination is always at work, generating ideas, melding characters from children's pop culture such as Angry Birds, Pirates of the Carribbean and Lego with people in the real world, such as family members and political figures.

"I make art because it helps me relax. It also makes me feel good inside when I can make stuff. It's a sad day when I can't make any art. I think really hard and think of things that I think would be really cool. I like to watch Youtube videos and also look at my Grandpa's old art books."

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