Doug Derksen

July 18, 2019 to September 7, 2019
Curated by: Alyssa Fearon
Main Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday July 18, 7:30PM

Lunch & Look: Friday July 19, 12:00PM

In 2000, Doug Derksen suffered a painful back injury that resulted in nearly a decade of extremely limited mobility. Through his journey of recovery, Derksen turned to photography as a means of therapy and healing. In his photographs, familiar landscapes like the Brandon Hills, Souris Bend Prairie, and Riding Mountain National Park are presented in ways that emphasize the natural beauty of these everyday scenes. Doug Derksen is a scientist by trade, and a self-taught photographer—he seeks to capture the essence of life, beyond the physical and tangible, and his artistic practice is tied to his recovery. How does one bear excruciating pain, especially when options to find solace are few? Standing in the Calm of the Storm is part of Derksen’s ongoing journey to seek peace through his recovery and make visible his connection to the land.

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Doug Derksen, Cutbank Ridge: Souris River, 2016. Photograph/archival print, 17” x 22”.