A Healthy Neighbourhood: Voices of the Indigenous Youth

January 20, 2018
Curated by: Kathy Moscou and the Photovoice Participants
Community Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday January 25, 7:30PM

Healthy Neighbourhood Sharing Circle and Discussion:
Thursday Febuary 8, 7:00PM

A Healthy Neighbourhood: Voices of Indigenous Youth is a collection of photographs and stories about what makes a neighbourhood healthy, as well as, solutions needed to build healthier communities. As part of the Healthy Neighbourhood Photovoice Project, Indigenous youth in Brandon, Manitoba ages 18-29 years, were provided cameras and asked to photograph the characteristics of a healthy urban neighbourhood from their perspective. Through their photographs and storytelling, the Indigenous youth participating in the Photovoice Project shed light on the impact that people, environment, and infrastructure can have on a neighbourhood its residents. The exhibit aims to expand our knowledge of Indigenous perspectives and enrich public discourse about urban neighbourhoods.  This project is a collaborative research project involving Brandon University, Brandon Friendship Centre and Manitoba M├ętis Federation Southwest Region.  It is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Council Canada. 

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