July 18, 2019
7:30 - 9:00PM

Brilliant colours, random marks, and swatches of paper or textiles are some of the materials that guide Kay Chapman's latest works on view in the Community Gallery. Working intuitively she uses the fluid properties of paint and the emotive qualities of colour to respond to her environment. At times the sensations are joyous and energetic, while other works are evocative of pools and water edges where the depth is ambiguous. Whether working solo or engaging friends and family in her process, Kay Chapman understands that there is a dream within us all.

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Kay Chapman, Golden Tear Drops, 2019 Fluid Acrylic and Alcohol, 10”X10”


Kay is a self-taught artist, devoted to teaching others while continuing to explore the world of abstract art. Brilliant colors, random marks, and swatches of paper and textiles lead her on an intuitive mission in creative exploration. She anticipates that each artwork parallels our lives… marked by happiness and love, sadness, then layered with paint, to express a narrative about the passing of time.

Kay currently lives in Brandon, Manitoba surrounded by sparkling snow in winter and endless wheat and canola fields in summer, and the beloved Birch and Aspen trees of Canada.