Carly Morrisseau

October 4, 2019 to November 17, 2019


Launch & Reception: Thursday October 17th 2019, 5:15PM


This artwork will be installed on a billboard at Richmond Ave and 18th St in Brandon, Manitoba.

In spring 2019, two local artists were selected to participate in the Public Art Mentorship Program– an initiative that fosters artistic leadership in racialized and Indigenous artists living in Brandon. Reflecting on water rights, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and the continuous Indigenous presence in the region, the two artists created new work to share their unique perspectives.

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Image Caption: Carly Morrisseau, nitayānān kīyāpic ōta (We’re Still Here), 2019. Digital art.

We’re still here, depicts an illustration created by Carly Morrisseau with the focus of sharing artwork that can be recognized by other Indigenous people through the use of Cree syllabics; a writing system used to depict Cree dialects. With the help of their mother, Diana Morrisseau, they had both decided on the phrase nitayānān kīyāpic ōta which in Cree translates to “we’re still here,” as a sign that indigeneity and indigenous artists/voices are still very much prevalent in today’s society. The image uses floral designs and patterns, showing stems and leaves to display reciprocity and interconnectedness at the suggestion of their mother due to how important and integral floral designs are presented in Indigenous beadwork, especially among Métis artists. By including floral designs in the artwork, it is also a way for them to show solidarity towards their ancestral background as a Métis and Cree artist. The cool hues are accentuated by a bright blue background to guide the viewer’s attention to the Cree syllabics which are done with white headings and black accents.

Artist Biography

Carly Morrisseau is pursuing a BFA (Honors) with a major in Drawing and a minor in Native Studies at Brandon University. Their mediums include pencil, ink and their tablet's stylus. They are interested in pursuing comics, illustration and different storytelling mediums. Morrisseau is teaching art classes at the Art Gallery of South Western Manitoba for the fall and has artwork kept in private collections.

The program was generously supported by the RBC Emerging Artist Project