Kathy Levandoski

September 22, 2022 to November 12, 2022
Main Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22, 7:00 PM

Lunch & Look Artist Tour: Friday, September 23, 1:00 PM

Kathy Levandoski interprets her surroundings using the tools of textile and mixed media art. Deeply connected to the place that is her home on the eastern border of Riding Mountain, MB, she is interested in capturing and containing the immensity and constant fluctuations of the sky above her and the profound age and topography of the escarpment beneath her. Levandoski says, “Just as my environment has been my cradle for most of my life - a comfort, a constant - I want the viewer to sense the same solace and awe."

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Kathy Levandoski, Gossamer & Ground, 2020-2022. Courtesy of the artist.