July 21, 2019

First, the captains of both teams cross out 1 card, after they select 1, the third card is also determined by crossing out. The strikeout begins with the captain of the team that was recorded first in the match. Crossing out occurs 15 minutes before the start of the match by the captain or the owner of the team. If the captain or owner is absent 15 minutes before the start, one of the players in the squad may begin to cross out, the decision made by him is not subject to change.

until there is one card left that the teams will be required to play.

Otherwise, when a specific card is indicated, then it is played.

List of cards available for selection:

Each Team and Player to participate in the Tournament must:
1) Be registered on our portal.
2) Create a team on your profile or join the tournament as a solo player and register in the tournament.
3) Fill in the composition of your team, add or update the logo.
4) When confirming participation in any tournament, it is necessary to have a full list of Players (base players) who will take part in this season. The team must fill out a team profile on the site, and accordingly update it if necessary. All roles (base, spare) should be set according to the current situation in the team. Each team has the right to make replacements in its composition before the tournament. Substitutions during matches are prohibited.
5) Players must comply with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive User Agreement and the Tournament Rules. Players and teams are required to comply with the rules of this Regulation.
6) Tournament participants undertake to provide their own protection against DDoS attacks and to avoid leakage of personal information (IP of a computer, server, etc.) during the game time at the tournament.
7) Each team and individual player have the right to be late for the tournament for no more than 15 minutes.

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