Kurt Noll

January 25, 2024 to March 23, 2024
Curated by: Lucie Lederhendler
Main Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday January 25, 7:00PM

Lunch & Look Artist Tour: Friday January 26, 1:00PM

With technical ability that reminds us how much inherent skill and rigorous training the early masters of Western abstraction brought to their work, Brandon-based artist Kurt Noll engages in an art-historical, satirical, and contemporary dialogue with his subjects. The result is a body of work that can be appreciated as much for its humour and play as its references to the master painters of the 20th century. 



About the artist: Kurt Noll is a human. He was an art director, designer, copy writer, and illustrator for a midsize advertising agency during the 1980s. Then he went to graduate school, earned a Ph.D. in the study of ancient, dead people, and eventually arrived at Brandon University. The AGSM Figure-Drawing Group inspired him to begin again as a painter, and so here he is.

Fake Picasso Exhibition Brochure
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Kurt Noll, Volcano, 2023 (detail)