Panel Discussion

August 25, 2017
12:00 - 1:00 PM

Please join us for a panel discussion and a Q&A on Restorative Justice hosted by the John Howard Society of Brandon. We will learn what Restorative Justice is - how it works - and its benefits to society as a whole. Find out the difference between the Criminal Justice System and Restorative Justice and hear examples of how Restorative Justice has helped individuals first hand.

Linda Johnston: Anger Management, Youth Anger Management; Building Healthy Relationships; Reintergration
Debby Dandy: Community Service and Fine Option Program
Mayvis MacLellan: Volunteer Program
Michelle Funk: Restorative Justice Facilitator (Westman)
Andrew Synyshyn: Lawyer - AJS Law, Brandon

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This round table discussion is associated with the two exhibits currently on display in the AGSM Community Gallery: Created with Dignity and Edward Southwind, Time Well Wasted. Coffee and snacks provided, bag lunches accepted.

Presented in partnership with the Manitoba Multifaith Council and The John Howard Society of Brandon