January 12, 2022

This AGSM project pursues experienced, emerging, and inquisitive individuals connected to digital arts to support the growth of the local industry. A collective structure committed to resource-sharing will manifest as a horizontal platform where participants can share and seek knowledge from others in an ongoing offering.

Join us online to hear from a group of Digital Artists in Southwestern Manitoba during our inaugural event and hear about their journeys, experiences, and portfolios.


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Making Your Own Digital Footprint

With Carly Morrisseau (They/them)

December 23rd


Carly Morrisseau is pursuing a BFA (Honors) with a major in Drawing and a minor in Native Studies at Brandon University. They are interested in creating print installations and illustrations using the Cree language as a part of their own visual language. They aim to revitalise the language through their art practice while also creating representation of Indigenous peoples in popular media.

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After Nature

With Meganelizabeth Diamond (She/her)

December 22nd

Meganelizabeth Diamond is a lens-based artist, programmer and facilitator living in rural Manitoba on Treaty 1 Territory. Using photography, collage, performance, and moving images, she explores our perceptions of the natural world, real vs artificial, and our connections to domestic spaces.
Diamond's work has been shown nationally at artist-run centres and festivals. Most recently, she was a New Media Artist in Residence at Winnipeg's Video Pool Media Arts Centre (2019-2020).

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Decolonizing the Digital Space

With Marin Curtis (She/her)

December 22nd

History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. The digital landscape has become home to modern settlers in the same way as the physical world was colonized. Digital art has not yet made its footprint in pixelated mud in the way that traditional art media and art objects have. Settler artists presented the land of the Americas as female and derived pleasure from penetrating the earth for her resources. They would lay their gazes upon mother earth, objectifying her. These metanarratives echo in modern e-colonization. Marin Curtis aims to open a discussion and artistic exploration to discover if digital art can deconstruct contemporary narratives of the internet and digitized colonization.

What does colonization of digital space look like?

What does post-colonization of digital space look like?

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Trial and a lot of Error

With Chris Reid (She/her)

December 21st

Chris Reid has a BFA from the University of Alberta and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a wife, a mom, an educator, a social service provider, and an artist. Although primarily a painter, she has explored sculpture and egg writing in a style that has been described as a kind of pop surrealism. Underlying themes in her work are security, anxiety and coping influenced by day-to-day stresses and, increasingly, by her employment working with the homeless and at-risk homeless population. Chris’ work has been exhibited in public galleries and artist-run centres across Canada. Most recently, Chris has begun to explore animation.

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