Jeff Morton

July 1, 2017

At the Riverbank Discovery Centre
545 Conservation Dr, Brandon, MB

This Canada Day, the AGSM has invited Saskatchewan sound artist Jeff Morton to occupy a tent with bizarre and playful sounds that reinvent how we hear and play with toys. His All the Horses installation will be up all day, while Sound Lab Workshops will be carried out periodically throughout the day.

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All the Horses Installation

All the Horses is a funny kind of electronic musical instrument that you can play. It is made out of recycled electronic toys that have been altered and re-built. Instead of the usual classical music melodies or sound effects that the toys used to make, the new sounds are bent and twisted, modified to produce strange frequencies and rhythms. The result is a sound composition that you can explore alone or with others. It is an exploding bouquet of sci-fi bleeps and bloops, a memorable (and unexpected) musical experience.

Sound Lab Workshop

The Sound Lab Workshop explores music making, notation, and improvisation as ways of creating and performing in a group. It is a chance to make music and sound together by following simple instructions and by listening to one another.

Using unusual, homemade, and found objects and instruments, we will work together to organize and interpret musical scores. Participants perform together, exploring the different sounds and sound-making possibilities. The result will be different every time, depending on who is performing and the kinds of creative decisions they make.

Ranging from film-like musical atmospheres and quiet parts to busy and melodious sections, the workshop presents sound as a medium for play and exploration, making a playground for creative listening and artistic collaboration.