MAWA Foundation Mentorship Program Showcase

February 16, 2017 to March 11, 2017
Curated by: Natalia Lebedinskaia
Community Gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday Febuary 16, 7:30PM

Natalie Baird, Valérie Chartrand, Tracy Fehr, Carolyn Mount, Kelly Ruth, Kris Snowbird, Becca Taylor, Melanie Wesley

Looking at bodies as sites of knowledge, both personal and ancestral, the 2015-16 Foundation Mentorship Program Showcase brings together works by eight emerging artists whose practices address overlapping ideas of ritual, materiality, and loss. What emerges is a series of mnemonic devices, ritual objects, and intimate gestures that confront issues of knowledge, memory, and forgetting.The Foundation Mentorship Program (FMP) is an annual year long program led by MAWA in which established artists share their experience and expertise with developing artists in a peer-support learning environment. It is designed to help women in the visual arts develop skills and define their decision-making philosophies, and to provide access to the information, resources and support they need to realize their goals and build their practices.

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